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When a loved one is in jail in Montgomery and in need of bail, locate your Montgomery Bail Bondsman right here after a bail bond has been set by the court. Our Montgomery Bail professionals are available 24/7 to post your Bail Bonds anywhere in Montgomery County. Montgomery Bail Bondsmen cover all Montgomery and Montgomery County courts and jails. This site will soon offer listings by Montgomery Criminal Defense Attorneys as well. Most Montgomery/Montgomery County criminal defense lawyers offer free consultation and many are members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). For other bail bonds agents and defense lawyers throughout the United States, see

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Maryland’s highest court overhauls the state’s cash-based bail system Washington Post
Magliano, a member of the Maryland Bail Bonds Association, said the industry will consider ... and an economic evaluation. Montgomery and St. Mary’s counties already have those services, although judges there can still set bail. The decision by the ...
Arizona Supreme Court strikes down no-bond rule for defendants facing child-sex crime charges
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery estimated at the ... the offenses before the judge could deny bail. After he spent months in jail, the court agreed. Simpson was released on a $126,000 bond in October 2003 after the state failed to prove that ...
Accused Club Big Boyz shooter back in custody Montgomery Advertiser
He was arrested in November 2015 and released on a $150,000 bond shortly thereafter. On Feb. 9 he was charged with menacing, Montgomery Police Department Capt. Regina Duckett confirmed. His bail bondsman subsequently filed a motion asking that Hardy be ...
Court system, bail bondsmen regularly deal with bond jumping The Dispatch
The role of bail bondsmen Kenneth Montgomery of Montgomery's National Bonding Company has been bailing people out of jail in Columbus for 37 years. When a person is arrested, or alternatively when a grand jury indicts them for a crime, a judge sets a bond.
Montgomery Bail Bonding Co. Utilizes New App
When you are taken down to the station and charged, you may have to post bond and that can take a while. A local bonding company is the first in the area to make it possible to have your bail posted for you with the push of button. Authority Bail Bonds has ...
Montgomery Strikes Deal On Bail Debt Capital Bonding, Reading, Will Pay $700,000 It Owes For Defendants Who Skipped. Allentown Morning Call
A bail bond company that Montgomery County says owes it nearly $1 million in forfeited bail will pay about $700,000 over the next year in an agreement it reached with the solicitor's office. Both sides said the settlement was an alternative to court action.
Has Italy’s economy hit crisis point?
EU bank bailout and state aid rules require that the bank first look for private injections of capital, ‘bail-in’ some bond holders and even scrape ... a bad situation another tad worse. Scott joined Montgomery in May 2014. Prior to joining the team ...
Alabama Senate approves bill to raise court costs, bail bond fees Bloggers
MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- The Alabama Senate late tonight voted to raise court costs and bail bond fees to generate money for the state's cash-strapped court system. Senators voted 26-7 for the bill. The measure must go back to the House of Representatives ...
Court, bond fees to increase on Thursday The Gladsden Times
MONTGOMERY — Higher statewide court docket and bail bond fees go into effect starting Thursday, but Alabama’s court system won’t be out of the financial woods if a related constitutional amendment doesn’t pass in September. An additional docket fee ...
Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh questions legality of bail defendants can't afford The Baltimore Sun
One important reason was the clout of the bail bond industry, whose members include generous contributors ... Lierman of Baltimore and Kathleen Dumais and Marc Korman of Montgomery County. All are Democrats. Barron called the letter extremely important.